As London addresses the recent rise in bed bug presence, particularly in public transport, we at Carrot Cars want to reassure you of our unwavering commitment to your safety and comfort.


Continuous Vigilance:
Our drivers routinely inspect, clean, and disinfect their vehicles to ensure that you can travel with peace of mind.


No Harsh Chemicals:
While we are diligent about maintaining the cleanliness of our cars, we are equally conscious about the products we use. We strictly avoid harsh chemicals to ensure the well-being and health of our customers.


Safe Alternative to Public Transport:
Given the heightened concerns about bed bugs in public transport, Carrot Cars can offer you an additional layer of protection and tranquillity during your journey.


Your well-being is at the heart of our service. We’re here to provide you with the most comfortable and worry-free ride, regardless of what’s happening outside our vehicles.


Thank you for trusting Carrot Cars. We’re always at your service!



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