Payment Options

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard and Amex.
  • For card payments, no minimum charge nor any extra fees apply.
  • Tipping the driver option is currently only available for payments in the vehicle.
  • Electronic receipts are provided after every journey, on completion. Driver does not carry any paper receipts! 
  • All Airport and out of our service area pickups require credit card details to be attached to your bookings no less than 3 hours before the pickup time. A charge will be applied only after the journey is completed or if a customer is nowhere to be found (AKA no-show). 

In The Vehicle.

Cash: We accept only currently valid GBR sterling pounds. Drivers carry up to £40 change with them.
Contactless: Tap your contactless card for transactions up to £100.
Chip & Pin: Insert your card into the secure C&P terminal.
Signature card option payments are not available.
Some remote locations may cause signal issues for processing the payments in the vehicle; hence, customers must cooperate if alternative payment solutions may have to be found.

Booking App/Web Portal.

Register securely, one or more cards in your app or web portal and choose the card when making the booking, so you don’t have to deal with the payment at the end of each journey. You will still have the option to pay cash to the driver if you choose to.

Over The Phone.

To ensure the highest security, we do not take any payments over the phone. Instead, we send you a secure payment link via SMS text message (Reasonably modern smartphone required)

Corporate Or Business Account.

Your company will have a dedicated credit account. Invoices will be sent once per month, with 14 days payment term. (Subject to acceptance, direct debit mandate agreement mandatory).

Paying in our office.

There are currently no options available to make payments in our office premises.