Supporting disabilities

We are committed to stopping the stigma surrounding any disabilities. Everyone is equal and will be treated in our company that way.

Physical Disabilities

Unfortunately, Carrot Cars does not own the vehicles as our drivers have their own; hence it is extremely difficult to find a contracted driver who has invested in the disabled accessible vehicle. Nevertheless, we offer full support for anyone in a wheelchair who can sit in the vehicle and have folded wheelchair that can be transported inside of the boot.
If there is any special assistance needed, please needed then kindly call us, and we will ensure that we take the best action necessary.

Mental Health and Hidden Disabilities

If you know that passengers may need special support, then please let us know about this when possible. Please ensure that you have permission from the person to share any sensitive information about them with us. Carrot Cars have qualified people who can offer support if a person may need help on their journey.

Nevertheless, Carrot Cars does not tolerate or accept any abusive or rude behaviour towards their staff and drivers, regardlessly of any personal circumstances that may contribute to it.