Travelling with Pets

Take your beloved pet to ride with you!

We transport reasonable size, none hazardous and well-behaved pets as long as they are inside of the specially designed transportation kennel that is safely closed. Smaller animals’ kennels can be transported inside of the vehicle as long as they have been positioned on an owner’s lap. For larger animals in a kennel, please ensure you order an Estate or MPV vehicle, so the space between the booth and the interior of the vehicle is openly connected. In order to avoid any unnecessary stress on the animal, we will refuse to transport animals inside of a standard car’s boot.

We won’t serve you if your animal is not inside of a kennel – no exceptions made!

Please kindly pre-book your journeys with animals and inform us about it in advance. Some drivers can refuse to serve you even if the animal is inside of a kennel due to medical reasons (Cat allergy, for example) or religious reasons. 

We will always be serving registered guide dogs under the disability support policy. Our drivers are trained how to check the animal’s documentation in the official guide dog registry. Please be cooperative with us when the checks may delay the start of your journey for a few minutes. 

If any damage is done to the vehicle while transporting an animal, then the owner or guardian will be charged for the cleaning or repair — for example, liquid trippings from a kennel.