Our Fleet

What is important when it comes to your taxi ride? Well, you have told us over the many years, so we have always listened and delivered.
You know that feeling when you cannot put your finger on it, but your heart just knows – that is Carrot Cars service for you.


Max 4 Passengers & 2 Bags

We are famous for the quality of our saloon vehicles which are all driven by professional drivers in suits and ties. We have an ever increasing range of saloons including Toyotas, VWs, Fords, Skodas, Volvos and similar. Our state of the art dispatch system will send you the best suited Carrot Car based on time and distance.


Max 4 Passengers & 2 Bags

If you are looking to arrive at your destination in style and luxury, Carrot Cars has a growing range of Executive vehicles at your disposal including Mercedes E-Class’, Audis, BMWs and Jaguars. Sit back and relax in comfort as you get a chauffeur experience with universal chargers, free wifi and free bottled water.


Max 4 Passengers & 2 Large Bags & 2 Small Bags or 3 Large Bags

Our estate vehicles are the same as our saloon vehicles but with larger boot space to fit in that bit extra for when you have more than will fit in a standard boot. The perfect choice for when going on longer holidays and have packed all that needed luggage. Please note that we do not do removals or any transfers of furniture.


Max 6 Passengers & 2 Bags or 4 Pax & 6 Bags

As well as regular sedan cars, we have MPV people carriers in case you and your friends or colleagues need to go somewhere together. The range consists of Ford Galaxies, VW Sharan and similar. Please note that our MPVs cannot be used for removals or any transfers of furniture.


Max 6 Passengers & 6 Bags or 4 Passengers and 8 Bags

As well as regular MPV cars, we have MPV XL people carriers for family holidays with more space for luggage. This range consists of Mercedes Vito or V-Class, VW Transporter and similar. Please note that our MPV XL cannot be used for removals or any transfers of furniture.

Do you want a London taxi? Why not try multi award winning London Minicab service?

Carrot Cars is London’s favourite premium Minicab service and you can now use our fantastic Carrot Cars App to book CASH AND CARD bookings as well as CORPORATE ACCOUNT bookings.