Our services availability

Our operations are divided into two sectors: Advance Bookings and ASAP Bookings. 

Advanced Bookings (More than 2 hours from the requested booking time). 

Estimated booking acceptance rates: 

Premium Saloon car 98%. 

Executive car 98%

MPV 85%

MPV XL (8 seater) 75%

Bookings for the following day will have a 98% chance for all vehicle types.

ASAP Bookings (Peak times arrival within 10 minutes or less)

Premium Saloon car 75%. 

Executive car 75%

MPV 60%

MPV XL (8 seater) 55%

If your hotel’s service demand is higher than expected, we can then start parking our available vehicles outside of your building, which will significantly decrease the ASAP demand waiting. 

We are open 24/7/365

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