Needless to say that the last few years have been the most challenging times for any business, and it has not spared the taxi and private hire industry either. Although the pandemic is over, at least for now, the effects of its brutality will be felt even now and years into the future. Many companies were forced to close their doors, and thousands of drivers who were sitting throughout the pandemic with almost no income and very little help from the government – had to look for ends meet in other industries. Now that things look like they are starting to settle, we have other obstacles thrown at us from every angle. The licencing body of Transport For London has its own demons to deal with, as the backlog of TPH licence applications and staff shortages mean that the new drivers can wait up to 10 months in some cases to get their license. Evidently, many change their mind and have to find alternative options by the time their licence reaches them.

As Carrot Carrot is well known for its quality, not quantity, this presents other challenges. The so-called Uber era has created a culture among many drivers that focus on self-entitlement and lack of understanding that in order to receive, you must also give. This is proven by the high ride cancellation rates in companies such as Uber, as those drivers are under the impression that lower-value rides should be covered by someone else, leaving the customers on the corner of a street, staring at their phone screens with horror. Pointless to mention about the cleanness of the vehicles and dress code of those drivers.
Thankfully the drivers that work with Carrot Cars have different beliefs. Their willingness to go the extra mile and never cancel the ride on you demonstrates that the culture that we own is very special. However, this means out of the hundred driver applications we receive, only an average of five will be compatible to be accepted.

We write this post to share our gratitude to those who have joined our company. They are very special people, and any customers that are lucky enough to be served by one of them hopefully will appreciate them next time even more. Always rate your driver via the Carrot Cars app, and leave a review to TrustPilot, Google or Tripadvisor, mentioning the driver’s name.


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