How does the hotel’s commission work?

For every journey you book for your guests or guests who book themselves from or to your hotel and pay directly to our driver (cash or chip and pin/ contactless terminal), we put 20% aside as a commission that will be delivered to you. The average hotels in your area use £6000 per month of our services, meaning around an average of £1200 per month in commissions. 

Can our hotel charge the guests for taxi journeys directly (e.g., add it to the room account)? 

Yes, for that, we will open a sub-credit account, the prices of which are 20% lower; hence, you will keep the 20% commission automatically. 

How do we receive the earned commission?

There are multiple options: 

Option 1. (A most popular one) If you open the sub-credit account (mentioned above), the commission account from direct driver payment will be deducted from the invoices that you owe us.

Option 2. You will provide us with the invoice for the owed commission sums (we will prepare the commission figures for your convenience). We pay to your bank account or deliver cash (for cash payments, we will deduct 2% from the balance, as this is what the banks charge us for business cash withdrawals). 

Option 3. You open a hotel’s staff taxi account, and we will add the commission sums as a credit to this account, which you can then use for personal journeys. 

Option 4. We can provide Carrot Cars gift cards for the amount of credit, which can then be used by whoever you decide. Those cards will have no expiry dates!

Option 5. If none of the above options meets your expectations, please tell us the most convenient way that you prefer the payment to be made.

All owed balances are cleared once per calendar month.

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