How can we make bookings?

Option 1: Call your friendly call centre at 02070050557 (open 24/7/365). There are always multiple operators and supervisors available to answer your calls.

Option 2: For ASAP bookings, use a one-click taxi button system informing you about the real-time waiting times before you even need to press anything. If your guest changes their mind, then you can also use the one-click cancellation button.

Option 3: Use a state-of-the-art online booking page for all prebookings. This Portal will show live availability and other bookings made by your colleagues. You can manage and live track your vehicles all at once. e,g,. The guest comes to the reception to check about the booking they made with your colleague earlier; you don’t even have to call us. The Portal will give you a complete overview. 

Option 4: Control, book, and track all the bookings from your smartphone app. 

Option 5: We will provide you with a free-standing QR code display or custom-printed business cards. Your guest scans the QR with their smartphone. The link will allow them to make the booking where your hotel’s details are already preselected. Your team does not need to do anything. 20% of the commission still comes to you.

All the above options will also provide your team instant journey quotation options. 

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