Why should our hotel choose Carrot Cars?

The honest answer is that we are not sure if you even should choose us. If you are happy with your exciting provider, you can consider us your backup plan only. You will have no obligation to use or stick with us. We know that we will lose you if we don’t live up to our promises.

Our weakness is that we don’t always have availability as demand for our services can get very high at certain times. Nevertheless, our latest algorithm can predict the future pretty accurately; hence, we can add the drivers’ working times to the right times of the day. Of course, we cannot predict the unpredictable, such as unplanned tube or road closures, etc. Nevertheless, we promise to always be honest and transparent with you as we represent your hotel’s brand and good name.  

We will be late no more than 2% of the time, and 100% of that 2% is due to unforeseen circumstances. 

We will never cancel your booking that we accept in the first place. 

It is extremely unlikely that you will ever receive a complaint from your guest about our service. If you do, the ride will be free (even if not a fair complaint). Furthermore, we will take any genuine mishaps by our team extremely seriously, and they will not be repeated.

We are the only company in London that has academy-trained drivers. 

We have been working with the local high-end hotels for the past 14 years; hence, we have confidence in our promises.

In the industry, we are the only company in East London that has won 6 of the most prestigious awards for customer service quality.

And the most important reason of them all, our drivers’ legendary orange ties will make them shine out from the crowd and put a smile on everyone’s face:)

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