How does the one-click taxi button work?

We provide you with the smartphone size equipment, which requires a permanent power supply. It operates independently; hence, no Hotel’s wifi connection is required. 

The display shows permanent live waiting times for all vehicle types without any need to click anywhere. If the ETA is convenient for the quest, then your team member needs to click on one button that is displayed under the required vehicle type. After that, the system will go into 5-10 seconds search mode, and the final confirmation with the ETA will be displayed, or for some rare cases, the system will show that the booking is declined. Regardless, all the information will be displayed within 10 seconds. 

What’s the point of the one-click taxi button? 

It will take the pressure off your team, calling us to find out the waiting time or making the booking by entering data and being a middleman between your quest and you! All the hotels that we are already serving in the area have reported a 200 – 800% increase in ASAP taxi bookings after the button was introduced. 

Does it cost us to have the button?

There will be no charge to you. However, if we experience too little usage of the taxi button, then we reclaim it as it is costly equipment and is in high demand by other establishments. 

If the equipment gets lost, stolen or broken, do we need to pay for it?

You will have zero financial liability, although you have moral obligations to take good care of the equipment. 

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